Finn Mcgoldrick

Finn Mcgoldrick in the hydrotherapy pool 



Underwater Treadmills in Canine Rehabilitation


Hydrotherapy has long been recognized as beneficial for human conditioning and rehabilitation. The same benefits are available to dogs whether they are young, old, in competition, need rehabilitation or just need a relaxing form of exercise in an underwater treadmill system built just for dogs.
Therapeutic support for:

*Pre-operative conditioning
*Post-operative rehabilitation
*Injury to ligaments or muscles
*Gentle and supported exercise to reduce weight
*Endurance and muscle training for agility and show dogs
*Very low-impact and safe exercise for your dog
*Strengthens muscle tone
*Improves mobility
*It will enhance or maintain cardiovascular fitness
*Increase fitness and stamina levels
*Manage and lose weight
*Reduce pain after injury or surgery
*Speed-up recovery time after injury or surgery
*Helps to prevent further injuries
Many treatment programmes will start using the pool and then move onto the underwater treadmill. Some dogs will start treatment on the underwater treadmill, depending on injury, weight, age, fitness and how long post-surgery. The treatment programme is not set in stone, we have a very flexible approach based on our assessment of your dog.


Puppy Club

Puppy Club
The puppy classes are held by Jo Scott at South Coast Hydrotherapy school every Monday night at 18.30 for one hour. The course runs over a period of four weeks, the full cost of which is £20.
Please get in touch for further information on 01202 829436

Over the course of the four weeks your puppy will learn socialization "meet and greet" in a controlled environment. We also discuss feeding, learning theory,preventative health care and health checks ,legal aspects,neutering,basic training,house training, biting/mouthing and any other problem you may be having.

If you have a puppy that has had at its first vaccination please get in touch to find out how to come and join in the fun.