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We welcome clients who attend just for fun and fitness and to keep on top of their dogs weight as it is a great calorie burner too!
Many people seem to think that hydrotherapy is just for canines that are injured or have veterinary problems. This is not the case we have lots of clients who understand the benefits of swimming their dogs but also understand the health risks associated with swimming in lakes or rivers.



South Coast Hydrotherapy Centre

Hydrotherapy is suitable for dogs of ALL shapes and sizes!
Actual swimming time will depend upon the injury and fitness of the dog, normally the first time that a dog swims it will vary between 2-5 minutes, gradually increasing over visits up to a maximum of 25 minutes. A full-length session is 25 minutes but the length of the session depends on your dog’s medical condition, needs and ability. We are always guided by the best care and treatment for your dog.



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EXCITING NEWS .........!!!
We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Pet Health Scheme. For a small monthly payment your dog or cat will be able to have all their preventative health care over the year (worm and flea treatment and vaccinations) and a microchip if necessary, 6 monthly health checks with nothing to pay when you come in; and an added 10% off any other treatment they may need.

For more information please speak to anyone at Alderholt, Three Cross and West Moors surgeries or at our Hydrotherapy Centre.



Sam Marsden

Sam Marsden first time in the hydrotherapy pool. Sam has been coming for just over 5 weeks and been on the treadmill to build up that hind muscle :)



Cruciate ligament injuries are a common hind leg problem in the dog. They occur in the stifle or knee. We see two types of injury. The first, and less common injury, is the sporting injury. This is the type of injury that occurs in people (especially footballers.) The dog is running along and the foot gets caught in something. The body and top half of the leg keep going, the lower half of the legs stays where it is and the cruciate ligamen...ts take all the force and rupture. The second type of injury we see is a slow stretch of the cruciate ligament that eventually snaps. The slow stretch is due to conformation and is exacerbated by excess weight.
Dogs with a ruptured cruciate will typically hold the leg up and not put any weight on the limb. Dogs under going the slow stretch may show stiffness on rising or unwillingness to exercise.
Cruciate injuries can be managed surgically or non-surgically. Which ever route you choose your dog will still suffer with arthritis and osteoarthritis as a result of having damaged the cruciate ligament.


Benji Clark

Benji Clark
Benji has been diagnosed with elbow Dysplasia so the hydrotherapy is making a huge difference 



Marni Graduated from puppy school last night

Puppy Club
The puppy classes are held by Jo Scott at South Coast Hydrotherapy school every Monday night at 18.30 for one hour. The course runs over a period of four weeks, the full cost of which is £20.
Please get in touch for further information on 01202 829436
Over the course of the four weeks your puppy will learn socialization "meet and greet" in a controlled environment. We also discuss feeding, learning theory,preventative health care and health checks ,legal aspects,neutering,basic training,house training, biting/mouthing and any other problem you may be having.
If you have a puppy that has had at its first vaccination please get in touch to find out how to come and join in the fun.



Marni Stride getting used to swimming


Charlie Smith


You do not need to be registered with us to become a new client

We welcome any new client at South Coast Hydrotherapy Centre

You don't have to be registered at Three Cross Veterinary Surgery, Alderholt or West Moors veterinary surgeries


All you need is a veterinary referral which you can download the PDF from our website South Coast Hydrotherapy Centre get your vets to sign the form and fax it or bring it with you on the day of your session.  



If you are interested in fun swims or have any questions please call us on 01202 829436

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