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We welcome clients who attend just for fun and fitness and to keep on top of their dogs weight as it is a great calorie burner too!
Many people seem to think that hydrotherapy is just for canines that are injured or have veterinary problems. This is not the case we have lots of clients who understand the benefits of swimming their dogs but also understand the health risks associated with swimming in lakes or rivers.



South Coast Hydrotherapy Centre

Hydrotherapy is suitable for dogs of ALL shapes and sizes!
Actual swimming time will depend upon the injury and fitness of the dog, normally the first time that a dog swims it will vary between 2-5 minutes, gradually increasing over visits up to a maximum of 25 minutes. A full-length session is 25 minutes but the length of the session depends on your dog’s medical condition, needs and ability. We are always guided by the best care and treatment for your dog.



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EXCITING NEWS .........!!!
We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Pet Health Scheme. For a small monthly payment your dog or cat will be able to have all their preventative health care over the year (worm and flea treatment and vaccinations) and a microchip if necessary, 6 monthly health checks with nothing to pay when you come in; and an added 10% off any other treatment they may need.

For more information please speak to anyone at Alderholt, Three Cross and West Moors surgeries or at our Hydrotherapy Centre.