• Swimming <span>and physiotherapy for rehabilitation and fitness</span>

    Swimming and physiotherapy for rehabilitation and fitness

    The benefits of swimming for dogs are very similar to those for humans. You may be surprised to know that it is be­lieved that for a dog a 5 minute swim is equi­va­lent to a 5 mile walk.

  • Care about your dog’s health

    Care about your dog’s health

    Working closely with your vet to ensure correct treatment of your dog through regular reports.

  • Training <span>hands-on experience of hydrotherapy</span>

    Training hands-on experience of hydrotherapy

    Canine Hydrotherapy for Professionals: great curriculum written by experienced canine hydrotherapists and behaviourists, overseen by veterinary surgeons. Some classes taught by a vet.

  • Proven for numerous conditions

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  • Courses Details and schedules

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  • Verwood Hydrotherapy Centre

    Book a Hydro or Physio session

    We are located near the New Forest, between Bournemouth, Southampton and Salisbury, with Moors Valley Country Park and Forest on our doorstep. We have some of the best canine hydrotherapy facilities in the south of england. 

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  • Hydrotherapist Training

    As South Coast Hydrotherapy School is part of Springbok Veterinary Group we constantly strive to deliver best practice. Learners are taught to carry out regular health checks of the animals in their care, whilst undergoing treatment. The animals well being and safety is always paramount.

    Hands-on training is provided at our own purpose built, larger than average, canine swimming pool with power jets, a large ramp and underwater treadmill. Lectures are delivered by experienced hydrotherapists, physiotherapists, behaviourists and veterinary surgeons, according to an accredited curriculum, under the capable principal, Mrs Jo Scott.

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Welcome to Verwood Canine Hydrotherapy Centre

Canine hydrotherapy and South Coast Hydrotherapy School

We are a canine hydrotherapy rehabilitation and training centre located on the Dorset, Hampshire border. We provide courses for students to gain the Level 3 Certificate in hydrotherapy for small animals as well as offering hydrotherapy treatments and fun swim sessions for dogs. 

Swimming sessions are offered for rehabilitation after an operation, weight loss and fitness and just for fun. Please contact us to book an appointment.

Although we are attached to Alderholt and Three Cross veterinary surgeries you do not need to be a client to receive hydrotherapy treatments, you can be referred by your own veterinary practice.

Our pre-swim information leaflet can be viewed here

If you are not registered at this practice before booking a hydro session, please download, complete and bring with you a veterinary referral form, which can be downloaded here. 

01202 829 436